How to Preserve and Care for Your Jewelry

There are several ways to preserve your jewelry and keep it in tip top shape(see how to clean your Jewelry on my blog here). Here are a few ways to keep your pieces from tarnishing.

One of the best ways I have found to maintain my jewelry is to use a small amount of renaissance wax polish. Simply rub a tiny bit on with a clean microfiber cloth and buff it off. A wax polish does two things. First, it brings out an extra shine and gloss that gives your jewelry that extra pop. And second, it provides a thin layer of a non reactive coating that will protect the jewelry from oxidizing elements such as sweat, dirt, water and air. Wax is not very expensive and one jar could last a lifetime. You can find my favorite renaissance wax here on Amazon.

Jewelry tarnish wax

The next best way to preserve your jewelry is to keep it stored in a cool dry place. Either in a jewelry box or even better in a sealable bag. When in a sealable bag you can also use what is called an anti-tarnish strip that will keep your jewelry pieces from tarnishing over time. Anti-tarnish strips are especially useful for jewelry that has special significance, is used only during special occasions, or is used less frequently. You can also place anti-tarnish strips in your jewelry chest. They will protect your jewelry from water moisture or air contaminants.

Jewelry container

Make sure that you remove your jewelry during certain activities that might cause damage or expose them to the elements. Take your jewelry off when you garden, exercise, shower, swim and especially in a hot tub or natural hot spring. Many natural hot springs have elements, such as sulphur, that will react quickly with silver and tarnish them excessively in a matter of seconds. 

Lastly, inspect your jewelry for any problems such as a stone coming loose, bent setting prongs, or any cracks or damages. And when necessary take it to a competent jeweler that can make the necessary repairs.




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