My Favorite Artist Blocked Me

Have you ever been a big fan of an artist or famous person then come to find out they are not who you think they are?

I was a huge fan of an artist...I purchased so much of their work! I budgeted to make sure I would always be able to purchase when they had shop updates! They actually inspired me to become a metalsmith. I was sorely disappointed when they blocked me on social media... I was a loyal customer? Why would they do this to me? Then I put two and two together and realized the artist didn’t like me purchasing supplies/art from other artists that made similar art(not copied, completely different!). The artist implied to me once in the passed they did not like it so it was not too surprising they blocked me.

I was so heart broken! I tried reaching out and being kind. Asking why they didn’t want me purchasing and why they blocked me(even though I knew why). I felt like I was their biggest fan and was crushed. It didn’t matter what I said they didn’t want me buying from them anymore. I was only to be ignored with my kind words.

I had many tears but I moved on and decided to continue to support other artists that didn’t behave this way. The artists I buy from have their own unique style and so I wanted to make sure I supported them! 

As an artist myself I am learning that we all have our own insecurities. It’s disappointing to see other artists on social media tear down others that were inspired by someone’s work. We get inspiration from everything! I find it important to support each other as artists and also to not get upset if our customers purchase from a different artist. There is always enough customers to go around as I always say!

Don’t let jealousy rule your world. I see artist after artist bringing each other down because of jealousy. One is worried the other is making more sales and trying to steal customers, claim original when it’s not theirs to claim, upset someone has more followers, bulling to bring themselves up... I could go on!

I Just wanted to write this because bottom line is we are all human. We get jealous or insecure. Make sure as an artist or whatever it maybe to try and think twice before acting out. Sometimes we do ridiculous and childish things without thinking. Remember just be you in your work, be supportive of other artists, always respectful, try not to compare yourself and customers don’t have to only purchase from you. IT’S OKAY. There are 7.53 billion potential customers in the world :)

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