FREE Metalsmith Supplies List for Beginners

When I first had an interest in learning metalsmithing, I looked everywhere for a list of what I would need to get started. I found a beginner's kit online that was helpful but had very little of what I really needed. After a few years of struggling to teach myself, I thought I would save other beginners time by providing a list of tools that you will need to start metalsmithing. This list will get you started on your metalsmithing journey! It is only the minimum of what you will need to start and a few extras that have been my favorites.
All essential tools will cost in total $320-$400(this is not including the cost of materials and the optional tools I added that I love). The total price is also for the least expensive options available, there are more expensive and better-quality tools, but this is for the minimalist looking to just get started.
In addition to tools, you will also need materials to work with. Though silver and metal prices are highly variable and change daily, you can probably expect to pay roughly $60-$80 to get started with your first piece. Start simple and be patient it will take some practice but you can do it. I hope this list of tools will be helpful in getting you off to a better start than I had.
What you will need to start metalsmithing | Alissa Taylor Designs
Soldering Made Simple is a wonderful book on how to learn metalsmithing. I read this book two times before picking up the torch. I still go back to it every now and then as a refresher and never regret the read.
Optional Book:
Indian Jewelry Making is a fantastic book filled with techniques and tools you will want to add to your collection as a metalsmith.
Metalsmithing kit | Alissa Taylor Designs
-Basic Tools you will need-
12x12 Ceramic Tile
from your local Home Depot
Inexpensive option:
Simple Dremel (this is for dogs nails but the exact same thing used for jewelry just different branding and half the cost then other Dremel)
Expensive option:
Inexpensive Option:
Expensive Option:
-Safety Gear-
Optional Safety(recommend wearing some kind of mask while working)-
-Minimal Materials-


  • Evan F

    Hello! Thank you so much for this!!! A couple questions- do you recommend a particular desk/ work space set up? For the dremel, do you need different bits or will it work just fine as is starting out? I have taken a few metalsmithing classes and have fallen in love but am also overwhelmed at setting up a workspace at home. Thanks for your help!

  • Dawn Marie Lauria

    I want to thank you. Not only for sharing your amazing artwork but also fo helping support other women that need a map to get going. Yet so many texts or messages go unanswered. Or ignored by some. It reminded me of a rough childhood … that GOD AND THE UNIVERSE MADE RIGHT AND MADE ME STRING AND HELD ME UP TO GET THROUGH. NO STRONGER. … as a good friend through ig has from a poem on one of her pieces the original says. “ you have seen my decline. Now watch me rise …..” what a beautiful thought. We’ve all suffered heartache sadly.
    I myself lost my son and never was the same. I lost momma 4 months later and papa right before that.
    I don’t want to be a famous jewelry maker. I just want to let out what’s inside me. In a positive ways. So. Ty. Ty. Ty. Sending hugs and blessing. Love and light. 🙏💙✨

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