FREE Vacuum Casting Supplies List

           Don’t know how to begin casting? Here I have made a list of exactly what I purchased to start my journey casting. I do not have a list for centrifugal casting, but it is a little more inexpensive option then vacuum casting. If you plan to cast a lot of organics I would do centrifugal. From all the research I have done Vacuum casting seems to be the easiest and more convenient way of casting in my opinion. Everything will cost approximately $4,000(including a torch, taxes and shipping in this price) when choosing the inexpensive "options”, otherwise the expensive options will be around $5,400.
         When you purchase the casting kit it will include instructions on how to cast. Make sure to search for any active coupons, as this will save you hundreds. Ottofrei was incredible to work with. I called to purchase instead of online, when I did this I requested they take a few things in the kit out that I already had. This saved me more money! When my equipment arrived I called a few times and their specialist on casting helped me a great deal. I would not purchase the kit anywhere else because of how amazing their customer service was.
Free jewelers casting supplies list
Vacuum Casting Supplies

Casting Kit

Wax Tray 7x7

Wax Injector

Youtube video review on Kaya Cast CLICK HERE
Melting Metal Options
Option 1: 
Option 2: 
Mold Making Options
Option 1:
*Silicone Mold
Option 2:
*Vulcanizer Kit
See YouTube link for how to use Vulcanizer CLICK HERE

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