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How to Preserve and Care for Your Jewelry

There are several ways to preserve your jewelry and keep it in tip top shape(see how to clean your Jewelry on my blog here). Here are a few ways to keep your pieces from tarnishing. One of the best ways I have found to maintain my jewelry is to use a small amount of renaissance wax polish. Simply rub a tiny bit on with a clean microfiber cloth and buff it off. A wax polish does two things. First, it brings out an extra shine and gloss that gives your jewelry that extra pop. And second, it provides a thin layer of a non reactive coating that will protect the jewelry from oxidizing elements such as sweat, dirt, water and air....

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3 Proper Ways to Organize Your Jewelry - Keep from Tarnishing

 I have stored my jewelry numerous ways over the years. Different storage options have their own pros and cons but at the end of the day the best way is whatever provides you with easy access to your jewelry.  When it comes to storing your jewelry, first and foremost, you want your jewelry pieces to be enclosed to help the pieces from oxidizing. When you leave jewelry out and exposed to open air, moisture, and dirt it tarnishes much more rapidly. The most inexpensive way to store your jewelry is to keep it in a plastic organizing divider box. Such as this storage grid box not only will help keep jewelry from oxidizing but help all your necklaces from getting tangled....

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