3 Proper Ways to Organize Your Jewelry - Keep from Tarnishing

 I have stored my jewelry numerous ways over the years. Different storage options have their own pros and cons but at the end of the day the best way is whatever provides you with easy access to your jewelry

When it comes to storing your jewelry, first and foremost, you want your jewelry pieces to be enclosed to help the pieces from oxidizing. When you leave jewelry out and exposed to open air, moisture, and dirt it tarnishes much more rapidly.

The most inexpensive way to store your jewelry is to keep it in a plastic organizing divider box. Such as this storage grid box not only will help keep jewelry from oxidizing but help all your necklaces from getting tangled. You may want to organize jewelry sets that belong with one another to have easy access to wear matching pieces for everyday attire.

Jewelry organizing box

My other favorite way to store jewelry is in a hanging jewelry organizer. It has several slots to zip closed and keep each peace safe from the environment. A hanging organizer is ideal for travel and easily taking your accessories with you. You can hang the jewelry organizer in your closet by your clothes to match your everyday outfits and for easy access.

Jewelry organizer hanger

Now for the grand organizer, my absolute favorite, and one that I purchased for myself about a year ago, the wall or door hung Armoire. The jewelry armoire I purchased last year has mass amounts of storage and still has plenty of space to grow into. It holds 84 rings slots, 32 necklace hooks, 48 earring holes, 90 earring slots, 1 scarf rod, 5 shelves and 2 drawers for extra storage space.

                    Jewelry organizer cabinet review | Alissa Taylor Designs   Earrings hanger organizer

Jewelry mirror

 It has LED lighting that makes it easy to see all your pieces and comes with a key to keep your belongings safe. You have the option to hang the jewelry cabinet on the door or wall. The mirror is sturdy and you won't be disappointed by this cabinets multiple functions. I love mine and know you will love yours too.

                   Ring organizer  Jewelry cabinet with lock and key

Lastly, add anti-tarnish strips wherever you store your jewelry to add long lasting protection from oxidizing jewelry. The perfect finishing touches to any way you choose to store your jewelry!

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