This year I will have my largest shop update stocked with over 70 items! Ear jackets, hoops, studs, bracelets, pocketknife necklace and so much more! Be one of the first 10 orders to get a special gift! See what is to come 11-19-21 below! Starts: 11-19-21 @ 9am mst-10% off your entire purchase for newsletter subscribers ONLY(Code- CUSTOMER2021-First 2 orders will receive a $15 Amazon gift card-3rd and 4th order will receive a pink opal beaded bracelet-5th, 6th and 7th will receive a surprise gift-8th, 9th and 10th orders will receive a dainty textured ear cuff-All following orders will receive a recycled palm leaf jewelry tray(while supplies last)*I will announce winners in stories on IG as purchases come in!  ...

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FREE Vacuum Casting Supplies List

             Don’t know how to begin casting? Here I have made a list of exactly what I purchased to start my journey casting. I do not have a list for centrifugal casting, but it is a little more inexpensive option then vacuum casting. If you plan to cast a lot of organics I would do centrifugal. From all the research I have done Vacuum casting seems to be the easiest and more convenient way of casting in my opinion. Everything will cost approximately $4,000(including a torch, taxes and shipping in this price) when choosing the inexpensive "options”, otherwise the expensive options will be around $5,400.          When you purchase the casting kit it will...

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Sterling Silver Ear Climber Earrings and MORE

   There are so many new designs this shop update I am excited to share! Recently I have been making a lot of ear climbers that I think you all will love. They are light weight earrings with real natural gemstones. Lately I have been making them with Arizona Turquoise, Lapis, Amethyst and Opal. If you ever want to see them in a different stone send me a message at alissataylordesigns@gmail.com.    The great thing about ear climbers is not only their light weight but they are trendy earrings that climb up the ear. Many times when I wear my ear climbers people ask if I have a second piercing, which I don't! The wire going through the ear is extra...

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FREE Metalsmith Supplies List for Beginners

When I first had an interest in learning metalsmithing, I looked everywhere for a list of what I would need to get started. I found a beginner's kit online that was helpful but had very little of what I really needed. After a few years of struggling to teach myself, I thought I would save other beginners time by providing a list of tools that you will need to start metalsmithing. This list will get you started on your metalsmithing journey! It is only the minimum of what you will need to start and a few extras that have been my favorites. All essential tools will cost in total $320-$400(this is not including the cost of materials and the optional...

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How to Preserve and Care for Your Jewelry

There are several ways to preserve your jewelry and keep it in tip top shape(see how to clean your Jewelry on my blog here). Here are a few ways to keep your pieces from tarnishing. One of the best ways I have found to maintain my jewelry is to use a small amount of renaissance wax polish. Simply rub a tiny bit on with a clean microfiber cloth and buff it off. A wax polish does two things. First, it brings out an extra shine and gloss that gives your jewelry that extra pop. And second, it provides a thin layer of a non reactive coating that will protect the jewelry from oxidizing elements such as sweat, dirt, water and air....

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