Crystal Jewelry Dish

   Who loves this dish?! What color would you get if you got one? My dream jewelry dish has arrived!!! It’s going to make a great prop for pictures and hold my rings as I wash dishes. I ordered a couple pieces from @essarai_ceramics and his work is amazing. His pieces are incredible with lots of detail and even more stunning in person.     Several months ago I was on the hunt for a good jewelry dish. I was not finding what I wanted! Then I thought, I love crystals and would love a jewelry dish with them on it. A few months later on Instagram I came across essarai ceramics and imminently purchase his work! Highly recommend his work. -The...

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The Rollerball Necklace

            Rollerball necklaces have been around for ages made in all kinds of styles. The first time I saw the idea was in 2017. Later it was revealed to me they were created about 10 years ago with clay on the caps. I am always finding someone thought of the idea before someone else. These brilliant creators have inspired many artists. I'm sure there are several more people that have thought of the idea but it's recently been revealed with social media taking over.       When I started making rollerball necklaces about 2 and a half years ago I wanted to make them in memory of my grandmother. She passed away and she had always loved...

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