Jewelry 101: How to Pick Quality Jewelry

Jewelry is more than just a symbol of wealth. Most of the time, people buy jewelry as a means of self-expression. It gets even more personal if they’re buying the same as a gift for a significant other. Choosing jewelry for yourself or for someone else is as exciting, as it is stressful. When you attempt to do it for the first time, there seems to be a lot more to consider than the sheer beauty of the piece.  Here are tips to make the purchase a bit easier, so that the next time you buy, it’ll be a breeze.First things first—check out the craftsmanship of the piece regardless of whom you’re buying from. You may be getting it from...

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90's Beaded Bracelets

Power Beads 90's Girl   As a kid I went to Icing or Claire's on a regular basis just to buy the power bead bracelets. Each color had a special meaning...love, hope etc. I had so many and usually wore at lead 10 at a time. I eventually got a bead kit and made them. That's what I did in my extra time and thought it was the greatest thing! Now here I am making beaded stretchy bracelets again! Except of course I use real stones this time! Check out my new listings of the mala/power beaded bracelets!  

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Adventure Awaits T-shirt

Mountain Women T-shirt   So excited to present my brand t-shirt! I had an amazing artist from etsy draw up my idea and brought it to life. This t-shirt resemble my love for jewelry and the outdoors. Adventure awaits for all of us! Be you. For the adventurous, mountain women, rockhound, hiker and more. I think you all will love this boho vibe tshirt coming this Friday!  

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New Year Collection 1.18.20 @ 10am MST

I have put a lot into this latest collection that will be released this month. Inspired by the outdoors and my love for variscite these creations are to celebrate the new year. I love the boho style of jewelry and raw look that is put into these pieces and I hope you do too. 1.18.20 at 10am mst they will be listed!

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It’s that time of year - what’s your favorite part about the Holidays?

❄️What’s your favorite thing about the Holidays? My favorite memory as a kid was listening to Amy Grants Christmas music as we decorated the tree. Listening to her music brings back so many Christmas memories as a kid. Her Christmas music is so lovely and unique and just gives those Holiday feels! . I’m all about the holiday feels! Please share your favorite thing about the Holidays 🎄❤️.@amygrantofficial .📸: @cary.forward

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