Boho and indie artisian jewelry


I am Alissa Taylor, and I am a self-taught metalsmith. I enjoy creating handcrafted artisan jewelry in my home studio of Payson, Utah. I started selling my jewelry creations in 2009, which led to my store, Alissa Taylor Designs, in 2016. I create wearable works of art inspired from my favorite place, the outdoors. I love to create necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more. Message me and let's talk about what kind of style and design you want!




I love to create unique art that is made to last, reflects my soul and use material from our mother Earth.


- I enjoy taking my kids out to do fun activities.
- I have severe Dyslexia, (did I spell that right?)
- I love hiking. Especially when I am rockhounding.
- My husband and I met in High school. He is my best friend! 
- My hair is so long it reaches my bum! 
- I have been making jewelry since I was 8 years old.

My Designs

Pocketknife Necklace - Alissa Taylor Designs

Grizzly Feather Earrings - Alissa Taylor Designs

Turquoise Ear Jackets - Alissa Taylor Designs

You will notice that I incorporate owls in a lot of my work. I started my love for owls back in high school. I went to the zoo and saw one up close and thought it was the cutest thing! So you will see in most of my work it reflects what I love.
I love bracelets and layering many on my wrists. Bangle bracelets are always trendy and easy to take on and off. Natural gemstones added to my pieces make them unique and stand out from other pieces of jewelry.
I started creating rollerball necklaces the beginning of 2017. I wanted to make them in memory of my grandmother. I would have never thought they would be one of the most popular items in the metalsmith community.
Poseidon variscite is my favorite stone. As you can see why.