Tiny Mushroom Stud Earrings
Tiny Mushroom Stud Earrings

Tiny Mushroom Stud Earrings

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 Solid brass and sterling silver light weight stud earrings handmade by Alissa Taylor Designs. High quality jewelry for long lasting wear that you can keep in your collection forever. 


- Solid brass with solid sterling silver ear post and butterfly back

- Hand sawed, every piece may have small differences 

***- On the back of studs the brass metal has a clear sealant coat to help protect ears from direct contact with brass. Brass naturally can cause skin to tint green(not harmful), this is a preventative. 


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*Items are handmade so expect some small variations from the pictures

*Handcrafted in the USA 

***Buy with complete confidence. I do everything I can to make shopping simple and try to meet your needs