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Simply Petite CBD Dropper Keychain

Simply Petite CBD Dropper Keychain

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Easily Carry Your CBD Everywhere

Now you can carry your CBD wherever you go. Just simply put your oil in the vial and clip it anywhere. Sick of having pain, tension or anxiety? Now you don't have to worry about carrying oil in your purse or pocket and have a CBD dropper keychain.

Dropper vial necklace handmade by Alissa Taylor Designs. This item is high quality jewelry for long lasting wear that you can keep in your collection forever. 


Please review measurements because pictures may appear smaller or larger then actual size.

-2 ml CBD oil necklace

-Solid sterling silver

-Comes with one single keychain/clip ring


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Enjoy caring your CBD oil whenever you go! Handmade with quality materials. Also can be used for contact solution. See my rollerball necklaces to hold essential oils.

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*Items are handmade so expect some small variations from the pictures

*Handcrafted in the USA 

***Buy with complete confidence. I do everything I can to make shopping simple and try to meet your needs